Analog Record


I remember when Compact Discs were the popular way to purchase music. Digital downloads were not yet a thing, and Vinyl Records were alleged to have a “more realistic” sound. The record player would physically reproduce the sound by passing over groves in the record. Soundphiles swore by the quality. They were adamant that CD’s couldn’t produce the same quality of sound as the analog record player. I could never hear the difference.

I have always been a digital guy. I have built several computers over my lifetime. I have owned each generation of the iPhone. I carry a MacBook Pro, iPad and my iPhone everywhere I go. Also I have long been interested in productivity, and personal accountability. You may have seen the journal pages I created.

But, I have started my own journey with analog. And it has led to me using a paper system. Anyone who knows me will attest to my relationship with paper. I can’t get the stuff out of my hands quick enough. I can’t use Post-It notes. Which one do I look at? Do I have the document you gave me yesterday? No. I only have my tax returns because I saved them in the cloud. So, I always claimed I would never use a paper system.

You know what they say about using the word never, right?

I have started using a paper in my trusted system. I saw Ryder Carrol’s webpage. The simplicity of Bullet Journaling struck me. I somehow got a Platinum Preppy fountain pen. That lead to the system I am using now.

Today I am using a fancier fountain pen and a nicer journal in my system. The analog part of my system is to help me deal with capturing stuff and I time block my day in my journal. Next, the items are filtered from the Leuchtturm1917 into Drafts, OmniFocus, and Obsidian.