I am a mom. More specifically I am Alexander’s mom, Thomas’ mom, Jonathan’s mom, and now Sophia’s mom. That’s my title, my name, my vocation. It’s been so long since I’ve been Melissa that I’m not really sure who that is. I do Mom stuff; laundry, cooking, cleaning, discipline, taking kids to the doctor, etc. When I’m holding Sophia people talked to her and not me. I love being a mom! While there are many moments of pure chaos, no rest, and way to much noise, I still wouldn’t change anything.
But today, I had a moment. An exhausted mom moment where the kids were pulling on me just to kiss on Sophia and I thought, I’m just Sophia’s mom. And that’s when I heard God speak. He told me that He is Melissa’s Father and that’s okay with him. Duh, God sent His son Jesus to live and die as a man so that I could know him as Father.
So while I’m in the midst of these crazy momma days, I will be okay with being the caretaker of the Midkiff clan because I know that the Father is proudly taking care of me.

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Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Dad with Three Boys

10. Noogies are ALWAYS in season.
9. A Mohawk is a acceptable hairstyle.
8. Jonathan’s unique version of “getting comfortable.”
7. Cars and Trucks are the preferred plaything.
6. Super Heroes are cool.
5. Anytime can be game-time.
4. A prayer from a three-year-old just might change your perspective.
3. Going to the Zoo.
2. Video Games.

I Love Being a Dad to Three Boys


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