Hardie Midkiff

Husband, dad, geek, Christ-follower

I believe

God Loves Us.

The beginning of love is God. While I was dead in my Sin Christ paid the penalty for me. (Ephesians 2) What greater love is there?

Christ changes hearts.

Christ is my savior and deserves my worship. When I worship give him a place of worth in my life my priorities change. Therfore my life changes. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Jesus is Life.

Jesus said He came so that we can have abundant life.(John 10:10) When we act like this is true everything changes.

Joy can be found.

It is possible to share the Joy of the Lord. A christian receives it from Jesus Christ (John 15:11) as one pursues the excellencies of of Christ. Eventually He will call us into perfect Joy.

I Enjoy


I am a life long learner. Learning from scripture shapes my life. I also enjoy a good book, how-to video or podcast. It has been said “if you aren’t learning your are dead.”


iPhones, iPads, Siri, and all other kinds of technology fascinate me. I enjoy technology and showing others how to use it.


I am enjoy many sports. The New Orleans Saints is my favorite team. The Atlanta Braves are a close competitor. Thankfully football and baseball season do not overlap much.


Leadership is skill. As with any skill it must be developed and practiced to grow. Studying other leaders is one way to do so.