Free Stuff

Even though COVID-19 has us all sheltering. There are many free resources available right now. If you are like me you love to take advantage of free resources. So, I am compiling a list. Use this list free resources totransform yourself during the pandemic.

Is there anything you think should be on the list? Let me know in the comments.

  1. Old School GI Joe via YouTube
  2. Free Musical Streams
  3. Free Training for Healthcare workers
  4. Free books from Crossway
  5. Free Easter Devotional From Explore the Bible
  6. Free Star Trek Via Patrick Stewart
  7. Free Sunday School Curriculim from Lifeway
  8. Free Bible Study by Louie Gigilio
  9. Free Easter Family Event Study from The Gospel Project
  10. Free training for Crisis Leadership from Carey Nieuwhof
  11. Final Cut Pro 90-day free trial from Apple
  12. Free Easter Devotional from Lifeway Kids

There are a ton of resources to help you grow during this time of “social distancing”. -@hwmidkiff3

Other resources worth mentioning:

  1. Lifeway Student Resource Hub
  2. Freshexpressions.org
  3. https://info.ministrybrands.com/ministry-online