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WWDC 2016 Predictions


It is the time of year for pontificating about the company from Cupertino, CA. Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference is set to start today. (You can catch the live stream here.) Many times leading up to this conference there is an electricity in the air and people waiting with bated breath; this year… not so much. Almost every prognosticator is saying Apple will not reveal anything exciting this year. Here is what I expect:

Siri Update

Developers will finally get to add Siri functionality to their application.

Apple Music Update

To build upon the current subscriber base there will be a refresh to how the music streaming ap looks and new features.

No New Hardware

WWDC is a software conference. So, any hardware announcements will surprise me.

New OSs

OS X, tvOS, watchOS, and iOS will get new features and new functionality. Also look for new ways for developers to monetize their applications on all platforms.

OSX has a new nameUnknown.png

Rumors say the folks at Cupertino are feeling nostalgic and will rebrand the operating system for their personal computer to MacOS.

Check back tomorrow to see how accurately my predictions are.