Cheap Dates

AdobeStock_76614283.jpegI love my wife. I am not a cheapskate. There is always an unplanned expense to put a kink in your plans. This Thursday is our anniversary and our AC is on the fritz.

So, I’m putting together a list of cheap dates. Feel free to steal these ideas. I’m really putting a list of cheap dates together as a kind of play book. When we have a chance my wife and I can pick a play and have a blast with each other.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. So, please leave your ideas in the comments.

Google Roulette

Want to live on the edge? Grab your date and make a game for you two to play. Have her pick out two action verbs, two cities within 15 minutes, and two food items. You do the same. Take your options and randomly, or purposefully link the three together.

You’ll have something like “running tacos Washington, D.C.”, or “flying pizza Orlando.” Type your phrase into google and pick the best option within the top three results.

Watch the sunset

Go mini golfing

Take photos of one another in a scenic location

Play on a playground

Attend a free concert

Stroll through a college campus

Volunteer together

Challenge each other to a video game competition

Go For Coffee