WWDC Roundup

  As you may know Apple held it’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) Recently. I made some predictions about what the would see at the keynote announcement.  Let’s recap my predictions and some of the other cool stuff announced at this year’s WWDC. 

  • We will see a new music service

CHECK: The new Music service will launch this month. 


  • No video streaming service

CHECK: There was NO new video service announced at WWDC.  

  • No new TV

CHECK:  I don’t expect a new TV until Apple can revolutionize content delivery. 

  • Native apps for watch

CHECK: The things that are coming in watchOS2 are awesome!

  • Possibly native apps for TV

MISS:  This was a shot in the dark, honestly.  

  • iOS 9

CHECK:  No-brainer, right.  This version of iOS is huge for iPad. It brings split screen multitasking to the iPad. 

  • An improved spotlight search
  • An improved Siri
  • Something akin to Google Now

CHECK, CHECK, CHECK:   Apple announced Intelligence  and it is awesome. It’s location aware and it will search inside other apps. This is a huge. I was a big spotlight fan. If Intelegence brings the results as promised I will continue to be. 

  • OS X 10.11 

CHECK:  OS X 10.11 is named El Capitan and it brings some great new features. 

  • Refresh for Mac Mini
  • Refresh for Mac Pro

MISS:  It has been over 240 days since the Mac Mini release, and over 540 days since the Mac Pro release so it was worth speculating that they would be released.1