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Brotherly Love

I’ve lived near The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. I’ve read about the greek word for brotherly love φιλία. But I had four sisters, I did not experience ‘brotherly love’ until my sons began lavishing it upon one another. Let me just tell you ‘brotherly love’ is NOT as quaint as it sounds. It usually involves pestering, complaining, fighting, and eventually blood.

Until, Sophia entered the picture. The boys still argue and tussle. Nobody better lay a finger on their sister or you will experience ‘brotherly love’ firsthand.

Sophia recently had a doctors visit. The doctor examined Sophia. The doctor checked her breathing. Then she  removed Sophia’s pacifier to check her nose and throat. Sophia politely expressed her displeasure whimpering a bit. In a flash all three boys sprang into action and began to defend their sister. Alexander, Thomas, and Jonathan each had their hands on the doctor prepared to eliminate Sophia’s discomfort. They each expressed their ‘brotherly love’ for their sister.

I’m glad these boys love their sister.

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  1. Awww… That is one VERY lucky little girl to have such wonderful brothers who love her so much. 🙂

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