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Lessons learned from Thomas


Thomas, our second son, is always teaching me new things about being a mother. He is unique and I love it. I have been writing down little “lessons” learned from him over time. He has taught me a lot. I thought i’d share a little, I’m sure this list will continue to grow, as long as he keeps being my Thomas.

  1. The color orange goes with everything!
  2. Bottles of shampoo and soap are single use, no matter the size.
  3. Always check to make sure Thomas is wearing underwear.
  4. Don’t forget how young he is because of how independent he is.
  5. When Thomas is missing, check the car trunk.
  6. The dirtier the better. This applies to toys, rooms, bodies, etc.
  7. Silence is dangerous.
  8. Hide the scissors. The temptation is too great, he will cut his hair.
  9. Always check the chair before sitting down. It may be sticky, wet or taken apart.
  10.  The answer to “Why are you picking your nose?” is “Because I’m Thomas.”
  11.  Have a plan. Thomas has a plan for his career, sweet girl that he’ll marry, home he will live in, and vehicle(s) he will drive.