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Apple Announcement Predictions Recap

A couple days ago I made some predictions about today’s announcement. Lets look at my predictions and see how accurate they were.

1. iOS 6 (I know big shocker) Included here, however is any new additions to iCloud functionality that will be announced for the rest of this year. Like a new streaming service, etc, et. al.

This was a gimme. iOS6 was previewed at WWDC this year. So, I counting it as right. There were many enhancements to the OS. I do not recall seeing a streaming service. +1 if you are counting.

2. The new iPhone. I think the 6th generation of the iPhone will be named “the new iPhone.” and it will be the elongated form factor with a larger screen that is circulating on the internets. Like this one

New iPhone; Check. The sixth generation of the phone is the named iPhone 5. So, +1, -1.

3. a new iPod Touch. Since, I expect form factor change in the iPhone Then, I expect at minimum a refresh of the the current iPod Touch model. Possibly a redesign for iPod Touch as well(although I’m not expecting this.)

New iPod Touch! last year’s model is the same price, and this years is $199? Really?

4. Refresh of  iPod Nano (possibly running a version of iOS)

New iPod Nano! This is a device looks great! Multi touch screen, Enough room to watch a video. Bluetooth support. This  is a home run as a media player. Home run, Apple! +1

5. tv runs iOS 6

Total Miss. No tv at today’s event. -1

Bonus Points: I do not think there will be an announcement of a the so called “iPad mini” or a full blown tv unless it is a teaser. Unless Tim Cook says “One more thing.” I do not expect to see a new product from Apple. I think if they mention a new product it will be to direct attention to a product specific launch event. Further, I don’t think we see an “iPad mini” until we see the next generation of iPad. I don’t think we see an full grown tv until Apple can revolutionize content delivery. But, I’m also secretly hoping that I am wrong.

No tv, or “iPad mini” at today’s event, and No One more thing. So, can I count this as +2? with bonus points that’d be an A+ if you’re grading 😉

I am excited about the new apple products. I can’t wait to see them in person. Can you say evaluation unit, Apple?