I’m trying IFTTT. Looks promising.

from Instagram: July 25, 2012 at 04:04PM
I’m trying If This Then That. It is a service that automates actions online using a simple if this then that logic. For example: if I post to instagram then image shows up here(that). It works in the background to do predetermined things. I doubt we will use it to post all of our My Instagram pictures here on our website. But, it is still rather neat.
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Batman, Aurora, and Comfort


Last night at the premiere of the new movie The Dark Knight Rises, in Aurora Colorado there was a terrible incident. Early reports indicate that someone fired multiple shots during a midnight screening if the film. There are several victims. Many people died during this tragic act.

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Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Dad with Three Boys

10. Noogies are ALWAYS in season.
9. A Mohawk is a acceptable hairstyle.
8. Jonathan’s unique version of “getting comfortable.”
7. Cars and Trucks are the preferred plaything.
6. Super Heroes are cool.
5. Anytime can be game-time.
4. A prayer from a three-year-old just might change your perspective.
3. Going to the Zoo.
2. Video Games.

I Love Being a Dad to Three Boys


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Review: Jesus Calling by Sara Young

I first learned about Jesus Calling by Sara Young when a KLOVE host read from it on air. Initially I had a good impression of it. But, I was not inclined to read it. Over the last few weeks I have heard a few people quote Jesus Calling. I have heard many people ravening about it. I even heard someone call it “A modern day My Utmost For His Higest” Then I saw that it was available as an iOS app.Here’s a link. So, I finally submitted, and have began reading it.

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Freedom isn’t free

Freedom always has a cost. Freedom is earned by someone putting their life on the line. Today we celebrate the freedom that was earned by the great men and women fought our nation’s battles. These brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Citizens and Families fought, bled, sacrificed, and even died, for our personal freedoms. Today we honor them.

Lets not forget:

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Aging Biblicaly

Francis Chan is a evangelical Christian who often calls for people to reevaluate their walk as a Christian. In this video he questions how whether, Christians, especially elderly Christians, are hoarding stuff or living for Christ.

He seems to focus in this short clip on the elderly. However, can’t we all say that we have at some point held on to stuff?

What do you think? Does he get it right? Are we, as christians, living like we can’t wait to see Jesus?

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Goodbye Mobile me

good bye mobile me
So long, old friend.

It was fun while it lasted.

We had Mobile me from launch (as we do many apple products). Mobile me was the host for our family website. The closing of Mobile me made it necessary for us to find a new host. Mobile me’s closing also gave Hardie the opportunity to redesign our website.

Let us know what you think.

Do you like the new site? What feature would you like to see implemented?

Please offer us any constructive criticism.